PPC Management Pricing: How much does PPC Cost in 2020?

On average, we have seen small and medium-size businesses spend between $800 - $5000 in Pay Per Click advertisement. A PPC marketer always keeps track of best optimization strategies to lower the cost of ad spend to make the campaigns even more profitable.

Professional PPC services pricing plans from IZ Digital

Our PPC management pricing is the monthly retainer fee to manage and optimize the ad campaigns.

The process to take our PPC service is:
1. Take the Site Audit, this will be a separate price and is obligatory before you start with the PPC Turbo Plan. The site audit allows us to find out strategies that suit well for your business.

2. After the audit, you are free to choose if you would like to work with us on the professional monthly service plan.


For Businesses and Website Owners
$575 - $975/mo
+10% of ad spend (No Hidden Fees)
Billed monthly
Onetime setup fee: $580 (50% off $580 $290 if you start immediately)
Conversion Optimized Landing Page - to generate more leads for your product or service
Inbound Call Tracking (pricing based on usage) - to measure and provide better call leads
Remarketing - pursuing potential customers who left without taking an action
Google & Bing Ads - no additional fees to advertise on both platforms
Ad Campaign and Copy Writing - conversion optimized copy from experienced advertizer
Monthly Reporting - detailed report about the performance of campaigns every month
Calls and Frequent Collaborations - chat with us anytime
Regular Optimization - improve deliverability of the campaigns and optimize for better results
Site Audit

Get Started with a Site Audit

PPC marketing is proven to provide quick and excellent results. If your business needs more jobs quickly, PPC is the best option to it. 

If you do not feel happy about the service we provide in the first month, we will work for you for free. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should you spend on PPC?

The advertising budget depends on the business sales goal. Let's say if an average sale for a customer generates $50 in revenue and the sale occurred after 10 people visited the landing page. If we assume that per click would cost $3, then 10 visits would cost $30 ($3x10) in total and it generates 1 sale worth $50. Which means if a business wants to grow this revenue by $500 they would need to hold a budget of $300.

Is PPC expensive?

We know businesses who pay hundreds of dollars per ad click because of their business being in a very competitive field. The expense however also depends on many other factors, such as size of the target geography, search volume, cost per click and several search engine algorithm factors.

Are google ads worth it for Small Business?

If used correctly, it is the most cost effective advertising platform for small businesses.

Is Google ads worth the money?

Google ad is a no brainer for any types of businesses. It allows businesses to reach millions of people who search for the right solution to their problem and is the most cost-effective means of advertisement out there.

How effective is PPC?

We would judge the effectiveness of a PPC campaign based on whether people are clicking through the ads and potentially converting into a lead. We know for a fact that on average there is 2-5% click through rate CTR for an add that shows up on google. The conversion rate will vary depending on the landing page message and if its solution meets the user's needs.