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Get a Comprehensive Site Audit to Get Started with Digital Marketing

Find out your potential sales volume and the market share percentage
Only for you if you are trying to grow financially and grab a market share
The intent of the website audit is to give you a long-term goal achieving view

You'll Receive from the Site Audit:

Money Generating Pages

"What pages should I create for my website? What are my best options?", this thought might overwhelm you.

With the site audit, we recommend an entire site architecture explaining what type of pages are best for your website. 

Comparative & Competitive Analysis

Using data, we let you know how you can out-beat competitors who are performing well on google. 

You get an overview of the marketing strategy that will generate more revenue for your SEO and PPC campaigns. 

Detailed Market Share Analysis

We look at the overall aspect of market share percentage based on the search demand in your target area. 

This analysis answers how investing into SEO or PPC marketing will ensure cash inflow into your business.

SEO & PPC Growth Potential

We base our reports on actual data from google and search engines tools that tell us the secrets that none of your competitors know. 

We go deep down with Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click Marketing data to figure out the best growth possibility.

More About the Site Audit

Get an idea of what you will be getting in the audit...
SEO Audit
Organic growth...
Paid Campaign Audit
Google or Bing ads...
CRO & Technical Audit
Usability of the site...

SEO Audit

The first step to doing a successful SEO Audit is looking at the overall organic performance of your website on Google. This is essentially a crucial step to making sure your website is available to those potential customers who are looking out for the solution you offer. We look at your current traffic stats, keywords that are generating any traffic to your current pages, any loopholes that might affect your current site's performance.

We use industry leading SEO tools to do in-depth research.

At this stage we will ideally require access to view your Google Analytics & Search Console account.

Paid Campaign Audit

Organic and paid campaigns run independently over each. Your paid campaign has a separate intent from organic search. The keyword terms for an organic campaign wouldn’t work for that of the PPC ads/Paid Campaign. Usually the goal with a paid campaign is to help you get more leads faster with a definite goal oriented landing page.

Bringing traffic to your landing page wouldn’t be enough if the traffic isn't converting to a successful lead. The key is to pay attention to the ROI of the campaign and optimizing it to give you actual results. 

CRO & Technical Audit

This deals with the technical side of your site. The entire process would usually look into the usability and functionality of your site. With the amount of content on the web, users have changed their taste, and now there is the challenge of grabbing their attention within a small span of time.

Our strategies involve conversion focused improvements to the site, this includes site speed, conversion goals, setting up conversion optimized elements on a page, optimizing images for better load time and making sure the content page is user friendly.

It is also very important that your site runs smoothly across unique devices (desktop, tablet and mobile) and our site audit report will outline all the factors along with browser compatibility.

Our Checklist process Outlined

We’ve always put down our strategies into a checklist and will add up our in-depth thoughts and analysis into the checklist for the growth of your business. Every successful campaign starts with a checklist filled with an actionable plan. We answer the questions you have always had about your website growth...

SEO Audit Checklist

Our SEO Audit contains details about your website elements which are technical, On-Page, Off-Page and Local SEO.
Keywords: Are you using the right targeted keywords for your pages?
Competitive Advantage: If you have content on your page, why aren’t they ranking?
SEO Focused: Are you taking the right SEO strategies for the growth of your site?

Paid Campaign Audit Checklist

We start by looking at KPIs that will immediately give us a plan on how to make the campaigns more profitable.
Competitors: Who are your competitors and are you out-beating their ads?
Keywords: Are your keywords directed towards potential buyers intended or just intended to drive traffic?
Conversion Focused: Is your landing page optimized and tracked properly?

CRO & Technical Audit Checklist

If you don’t look at user experiences, then there is no point in driving traffic. Get an idea of what tweaks can bring significant outcome from your website. 
Site Speed: Is your website loading quicker than your competitors?
CRO Optimized: Are you getting conversions from your site and monitoring users consistently?
User friendly: Is your site mobile friendly and crawled by Google?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you do a site audit?

A site audit is essential for business owners if they are trying to grab an online presence. The audit comprises solutions to your site’s goal and how you can achieve them, leaving the guess work aside. This will help you improve: 

1. Technical side of the site
2. Solve SEO Problems
3. Find out potential growth opportunities
4. Improve your design and UX for CRO
5. Optimize your website content for better performance

What is included in a website audit?

Website auditing is a full analysis outlining the improvement and growth possibility in the search. A detailed comprehensive audit would include solutions to why you aren't receiving much traffic and converting web traffic to leads.

What does it mean to audit a website?

To identify large-scale performance of your pages that are live prior to implementing new search engine or website improvements. To fix features on a site, this step is a must because you don't want to be repeating the same strategy that hasn't given you any results in the past.

How do you do an UX audit on a website?

These would be in distinct steps to improve the user experience:

1. Understand your current audience.
2. Recommend design elements that match with your target persona.
3. Review the current state of the website with analytics.
4. Tweak and Test advice.
5. Steps to keep a track of your user interaction with heat maps.

What is an SEO site audit?

Think of an SEO Audit as the swiss army knife to solving all your organic traffic problems. Yes, that's right. Most of the comprehensive audits outline solutions that dramatically improve site rankings and give you actual results. SEO Experts use tools, analytics and in-depth data to report best ways to boost your pages or provide remedies to repair any existing SEO issues.