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Search marketing explained...

Search Marketing or Search Engine Marketing (SEM) encompasses both the paid and unpaid method of generating traffic to your website pages. It is the umbrella term of SEO and PPC.

Without search marketing, your website will be hard to find and will become buried under hundreds of thousands of search results. A long term worthwhile investment would be when you out-beat your competitor by positioning yourself in the search engine results.

By regularly optimizing your website using keyword research, running marketing campaigns, and using other search marketing resources, your website will position above the competitors.

Reasons to Employ Search Marketing

Anyone who wants to get out of the guesswork of whether they will be found online, should employ search marketing. 
Have you always kept wondering why no one would drop their name and phone number on your website?

Perhaps you rarely get calls from anyone visiting your site? 

Do you even know how many people visited your site or what device they are using to access your site? 

It all comes down to understanding the use of the correct data the internet has shared with search marketers like us. 

Through research and analysis of user search activities, we prepare a search marketing strategy to ensure visitors on your website take action.

What We Do?

We grow your business with the help of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) using proven Conversion Rate Optimization strategies to transform web users into successful leads. 
SEO - non paid search
Generating traffic with non-paid or organic marketing using SEO.
PPC Ads - paid search
Paid or inorganic marketing traffic using PPC ads. 

Our Services

We dislike to be the jack of all trades but take pride in being practitioners of SEO & PPC ...

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

For a steady growth of organic results in search engines...
The goal is to make your website available on the internet. By focusing on SEO, you'll be investing in an asset that will increase your leads significantly. It will optimize your website to become easily accessible to search engine users. 

SEO will ensure a steady growth in traffic count and website conversions. Any website with a consistent amount of organic visitors can dominate an industry in the current digital age. Our primary focus is to build systems that will give you results.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

For a quick growth of paid traffic in search engines...
Our acquisition is through Google and Bing ads where we run search ads, remarketing, and display ads. We execute PPC campaigns for all business types because the ROI is amazing. Run a quick search on your industry and you will see your competitors showing up as ads.  

Optimizing Google ads may seem to be the only one needed, but we also optimize Bing ads, although this is underutilized, as it has proven to have returns at a very lower cost per acquisition. With PPC campaigns, you get faster and quicker leads. 

How To Get Started?

We provide flexible solutions and work in two ways at the moment…

Management - we do the work for you

We manage, optimize and guarantee your SEO & PPC marketing success.
Site Audit

Consulting - we work with your team

We work with your team on best ways to achieve results for your SEO & PPC goals.

How Do We Develop a
Search Marketing plan?

We have broken down our steps into small chunks. Enjoy!

Market Analysis

This is our no.1 strategy to see what tactics your competitions are using to bring themselves up in the google adwords auction or their positions in organic search listings.
Involves thorough research
Done to expand your brand
Knocks out your competitors

Plan Keyword Terms

We do extensive keyword research with premium tools to improve your company growth online. These tools help us find out money making terms suitable for your business.
Stand for top-notch keywords
Meant to serve your user intent
Get found by real buyers 

On-page Optimization

Prior to pushing search ads or generating organic traffic, one of the most important points is to ensure driving your traffic to a conversion optimized website or landing page. 
Improves your onsite factors
Turns online users into leads
Position yourself as an authority


SEO - organic search, we optimize your on page and off page regularly.
PPC - we work on optimizing ad campaigns to lower your CPA for leads actively. 
Get more leads from your site
Enjoy traffic growth to your site
Allows you to keep growing

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Search Marketing Strategy?

It is the process to get your website positioned in search engines like Google or Bing through paid advertising using google adwords/bing ads and organic search to boost your presence in search engine positions.

What is SEM and how does it work?

SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing, and it is the way a website owner uses to push paid search and organic traffic into their website.

How do you do a Marketing Search?

Usually any search would involve entering the search term into the google/bing search box and finding the relevant content that relates to the query.

What is SEM and SEO?

SEM comprises PPC and SEO. PPC is increasing visibility of your product through paid ads and SEO is search engine optimization, a non paid method which involves getting your website ranking in the search results organically.

Ready To Grow Your Website?

Digital Marketing is vast and search marketing is one of the role players that has proven to make any business website expand with a small marketing budget. It is no longer expensive to bring yourself on a search marketing landscape equipped with all the customers who want to pay you to solve their problems.