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What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization involves improving the quality and quantity of a website traffic through search engine. 

Every business should put their efforts into the highest revenue producing activities, and SEO is one of those where anyone can get long-term benefits.

Our team here at IZ Digital loves SEO, this is because we are exploring the algorithm in searches more and more every day. Keywords play a very important role in making your SEO campaign successful. Do you know users are most likely going to buy your product if they found you on high search rankings?

Searchers are constantly surfing the internet. And the link they click on are those which are relevant and popular in the search results. Research shows that, on Google, 30% of organic clicks go to the 1st position on search results, 17% to the 2nd position, and 12% to the 3rd position. Numbers keep declining as you move down from the top three search results. So, if you want any big traffic or leads for any specific term, you need to rank on the first or second page by taking help from a reliable SEO company and we believe we can help you on that journey.

You might get referrals and be happy with existing customers, but can you imagine what would be the scenario when you lose all these sources?

Search engines are an evergreen growing platform and the sooner one implements proper search marketing strategies, the more easily there will be growth.

Our Search Engine Optimization
Services Include...

Awareness — Reach Out To Potential Customers In The Internet

The first step to get more leads is by creating awareness about your company website.

SEO makes your site available on the search engine.

Statistics show that search engines drive 300% more traffic to sites than social media. 93% of all website traffic comes from Google and Bing.

Through proper SEO practices, it is possible to rank well for high search volume terms. Users trust well ranked pages and thus higher ranking pages drive the most traffic and conversions.

It is a fact that 92% of consumers will pick a business on the first page of search results.

Build Authority — Keeping The Business Ahead Of Competition

Users trust businesses that appear on the first page of google and especially when they relate to their search intent.

Ranking in the first page for a search term will immediately increase exposure to your business and build credibility.

Through SEO practices, high rankings can be achieved gradually. Chances are that your competitors are not focusing on SEO, but you can capitalize on that negligence and get the upper hand on them.

If your competitors are ranking on Google, our goal would be to exploit the weaknesses in their marketing campaign to catch up with them and then gradually take over them. The competitors may have small marketing budgets, make mistakes, or follow outdated SEO techniques.

By investing in SEO, any business will keep on expanding gradually and provide tremendous benefits for the long-term.

More Leads And Calls — Increasing Conversion Rates By Getting Quality Traffic

The primary goal of SEO is to optimize a website for conversion. It is not about search rankings. Search rankings are used to create brand awareness and get traffic into the company’s website.

Quality traffic are those traffic which click through the link to your website with high conversion possibility. To achieve this, the content needs to target the right keywords and keyword phrases, rank for the right search terms and a ton of other things. We provide a complete optimization package to optimize any website from scratch and make it to the top.

Quality SEO fulfills the searchers' intent and purpose. This leads to a higher conversion rate for the website. Considering the searcher's intent and purpose in SEO is essential to get a high conversion rate.

Types of SEO Services
by IZ Digital

Technical SEO: Website Technical Factors that Impact Rankings

Mobile Responsive

Majority of search traffic comes from mobile. Due to this phenomena, Google introduced an update to its algorithm in 2015 which causes mobile-friendly sites to rank above mobile-unfriendly sites. If mobile responsiveness is not there in your site, then it would become impossible to rank high in search rankings.


Websites which are protected by an SSL/TLS certificate have HTTPS as their protocol instead of HTTP. Websites having HTTP simply means they don’t have an SSL/TLS certificate.

HTTPS websites are much more secure than HTTP websites. On top of that, if your website has this security certificate, then it is considered as verified. As a result, Google will rank your site higher than those which don’t have this security certificate.

Website Speed

Fast load speeds of your website will lead to better search rankings and better user experience. The top ranking sites all have fast loading speeds. The average loading speed in top ranking sites is 1.9 seconds. Whereas we see slower loading speeds in lower ranking sites. Having proper website infrastructure plays a great deal in maintaining the load speed of a website.

On-Page SEO: Visible Page Elements Optimization

Page SEO Title Description

Page SEO title labels the content which is written on your page. Google uses the page title to identify what the content is about. With this information, Google can then display that content to a search query relevant to the title. SEO title tags is the label which appears in the search results. It is the first thing that the user sees about any link and they click through it to enter the website.

Page Meta Description

The second item which is noticed by the user in search results is the meta description. It is the brief description which appears below the URL to help the user understand what your page is about and improves the click through rate on your site.


URLs need to be short and be straightforward so that search engines can easily find your website. When URLs get optimized, the user also gets a pleasant experience while navigating your website.


Having a systemic structure on your webpage is essential to rank high in search results. Google determines what the content is about by reading the H1 tag on the webpage. It is ideal to have only one H1 tag per page, otherwise Google cannot properly determine what the page is about.

Following the H1 tags there are H2 tags which are the subtopics on the page.

On Page Content

It isn’t enough to decorate the content with SEO, the value the content provides to users also weighs in a lot. Google tracks how long users spend time on the page and the bounce-rate. According to that, your site’s ranking gets affected. The content must be relevant, compelling, made attractive by using visuals and also have uniqueness in it so that the users find value in it.

Off-Page SEO: Gain More Visibility with votes from trusted sites

Anchor Text Analysis

Anchor text are the texts which link to a webpage. The text and the link to the webpage both matter for ranking in Google. There are different types of anchor text. Depending on the context, the most suitable one should be used for effective results.


Backlinks are one of the key factors which affect Google rankings. Backlinks are exactly like it sounds - they are “links which back a link up”. When a site links any content from your website in their webpage, Google takes that piece of content as credible and gives it merit by boosting its rankings for the keyword. Effect of the backlinks is larger when sites which have high domain authority and sites which have similar niche as the website are the ones backing it up.

Local Citations

Citations are the references to any business in directories online. Citations commonly include the business’s name, address and phone number. Citations help boost search rankings for local SEO.

Local SEO: Improve Rankings for Local Pack

Local Search Optimization

It is about making your website easily available for local searchers by optimizing as such. This way the local business will get exposure to local people much more easily.

Google My Business

It is one of the most important ranking factors for local SEO. When your business has a GMB profile, it will show up on the right side of the browser (for desktop users) or the top of the browser (for mobile users) when people are searching for it online. The GMB profile displays the services the business offers, contact information, business description, category, and opening times which are entered by the business owner using GMB profile.

Localized Content Creation

This is tailoring the content for a targeted geographical area. The benefit which comes from it is that the content reaches the target audience with much more ease. Competition also gets cut down through this method. It, therefore, increases the conversion rate of your website.

Our SEO Management Process

Crush it in the search engine...

Market Research

We analyze a website’s infrastructure, its targeted audience, its competitors and come up with the search marketing strategy to optimize your website.

Selecting Target Keywords

We provide a combination of both high search volume keywords and long-tail keywords into a content. Doing so will not only increase search rankings but also bring in quality traffic into the website.

SEO Specialist Content

The content on a website is the most important aspect. It is crucial that the content is optimized with the right keywords and the right keyword density so that when a search query is made for that keyword it appears on top of the search results.

Optimize for Conversion

Optimizing content for rankings is not enough to guarantee conversions. There must be a call-to-action present in the content to convert incoming traffic into customers. The content will act as a hook which will attract the reader’s attention to your product, and the call-to-action will be the encouragement for them to take the next step forward and buy the product.

Audience and Analytics

Ranking for a keyword takes time. The content should get regularly optimized to ensure a steady growth of your website. Constant monitoring and analyzing of click through rate, conversion rate, bounce rate and keywords in your website is how the process of optimization begins.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an SEO service?

SEO services are provided by SEO companies which work to increase visibility and traffic to websites through increasing rankings in search engines.

What are the different SEO services?

On-page SEO, technical SEO and off-page SEO.

Are SEO services worth it?

SEO can be learned and done independently by the website owner. Learning SEO takes time and it takes more time implementing SEO practices for a website. Unless the site owner doesn't want to spend large amounts of time in SEO, hiring someone to do it is the better option.

Who needs SEO services?

Small businesses and startups, SaaS and online service companies, niche companies, locally exclusive companies, medical professionals, legal professionals, maintenance professionals, restaurants and bars, competitive brands.

What does an SEO company do?

SEO companies work to increase visibility and traffic to websites through increasing rankings in search engines.

How much does it cost for SEO services?

There are two categories in charging for SEO services. They are: retainer-based and performance based. Retainer-based are services provided for a fixed rate and performance-based has changing pricing over the period. Our services are retainer-based. 

Is SEO important anymore?

The majority of traffic goes to organic searches rather than the paid searches. Because users trust organic searches more. Investing in SEO provides a dividend for the long-term for a website.

How do I know if SEO is working?

After the start of an SEO campaign if there are constant improvements in the user analytics in the website, then it can be said that SEO is working.

Want to Win More Customers Organically from Google and Bing?

The search engine is a significant source of traffic and can grow a business to a very higher level. More Traffic = More Leads, grab the opportunity or lose the greatest power the internet has on earth.