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What is PPC?

PPC stands for Pay Per Click, a search engine marketing model where site owners only spend when someone from the internet has clicked into their ad on the search engine results page.

The advertising campaign involves bidding for placement by showing sponsored ads in the search engine when someone searches by a keyword related to their website offering.

Paid search takes your product directly to the top of the search engine, ahead of other search results, and makes your website easily reach your target audience. It is tough to rank high for competitive keywords through organic search traffic, but paid advertising boosts your product to rank at the top in search engines.

Paid search is one of the most result oriented advertising options that has helped many startups and ongoing businesses generate revenue faster. The only hindsight is that the marketing campaigns have to be centered towards a specific goal, otherwise you are going to waste advertising budget. We’ve also seen a significant growth in the bing ads platform, and this is good news for many as this is going to let you generate leads at a lower cost per acquisition from your landing page. While unpaid search marketing brings in traffic, paid search marketing will give you a bigger advantage to get more clicks and thus generate more leads.

Our Pay Per Click Management
Services Include...

PPC Audit - Improving Existing Ad Account for better ROI

Successful pay per click campaigns require managed accounts with continuous optimization. If you are a relatively new advertiser, you will want to hire a professional to help you set up your account and control your budget, and optimize your keywords. Our approach comprises optimization to improve conversion rates and ensure a better return on investment from the campaigns.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) - Get more Leads

Our process involves optimizing the PPC Campaigns, Landing Pages, Design Elements, A/B Testing and improving the deliverability of the ads to raise the conversion rates.

Google Shopping Ads - remarkable sales potential for ecommerce stores

Shopping ads are the doorsteps to increasing sales for an ecommerce store. They are now available for 90+ countries and any business can now sell products to global customers. The positive side about employing Shopping Ads is that a website owner only pays when someone looks at their inventory or clicks through to the website.

Bing Ads Management - Sponsored ads in Bing Search Engine

This is another best PPC online advertising platform similar to Google Ads. The Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) is low at the moment, since the market is very much underutilized by many advertisers.

Landing Page Creation - An autopilot system to generate more business

We build landing pages designed towards PPC campaigns. This method helps improve your site's ad ranking and drives more conversion.

Google Remarketing Ads - Show up across the web with display advertising

Remarketing ads are banner ads that are used to connect with users who’ve interacted with a website or landing page previously. This process helps your business stay in front of potential customers by showing up to display ads as they browse google or their partner websites. As a result, remarketing reminds your website audiences to make a purchase and helps companies generate brand awareness.

Google Search Ads - Attract ready-to-buy customers

Search shows up above or below the organic search results. When audiences search for a solution in google, we like to use buyer intent keywords. Which means we optimize campaigns as per key terms that an ideal customer would search in google. On average, there are about 3.5 billion searches per day and most of the search results are PPC ads.

Why Work With A
PPC Management Firm?

Let us take care of the hard part of growing a business...

Qualified Professionals

Working with data Google has helped us come up with better strategies to improve and generate more leads for businesses.

Skip The Training

Our goal is to ensure that your business gets everything in PPC with more additional benefits than that if you hired someone in-house.

Get Better Results

Actions speak louder than words. We have been on the search marketing field for a very long time, so we can say that you will be in excellent hands.

Our PPC Management Process

PPC recipe broken down in small bits

Keyword Opportunities

We run an in-depth keyword research on the market for you. The whole idea is to get you into a market share where competition is no longer an actual problem. Our strategy involves researching all the keywords associated with the website products/services and making a handful list of important metrics such as potential traffic, competition, and costs. We decide the keywords based on a long-term growth perspective.

Competitor Analysis

We closely analyze your competitors to better outperform the ad campaigns. Our approach involves finding out what strategies, keywords, and copy they are using to generate leads for themselves. We then have a brainstorming session with our team to come up with a better way to outwit them and hold a position in the paid search realm.

Ad Creation

We build everything from scratch: the ads copy, headline, keyword types, advanced bidding and targeting specific GEO locations for the specific keywords.

Optimize and Consistently Monitor Performance

We monitor the performance of the campaigns daily to ensure none of them drop out due to new competitors or major algorithm changes. Our data-driven approach allows us to test and tweak campaigns to progress better in the marketplace.

Monthly Reporting

You have full privilege to know and learn about your ad performance. You are paying for the service and deserve to know if you have received what we promised, i.e. more leads. Our clients receive detailed reports monthly about conversions, traffic, and an overall view of the PPC advertising performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is PPC important?

It has always been the most profitable advertising channel for a website owner. Any business model can adopt the marketing strategy for better ROI. Advertisers enjoy PPC Advertising because it allows them to make key changes to improve quality score and generate results quicker.

What do PPC Services include?

PPC involves advertising in Google and Bing. The service includes keyword targeting, landing page optimization, bid management, conversion optimization, and reporting.

How do PPC ads work?

PPC is a digital marketing channel in which an advertizer only pays when someone has clicked on the ad that shows up on the SERP results.

What are PPC management services?

PPC management is where a search marketer oversees a business’s entire PPC marketing. This involves the continued management of a company's Google ads or Bing ads account for a designated fee. The advertising management is done by professionals with experiences in diverse Pay Per Click campaigns. They provide services such as strategy development, landing page optimization, bid management, ad copy and more.

How much do PPC Management Services Cost?

Normally companies charge depending on the workload that involves optimization and managing the campaigns. A ballpark range would be anywhere between $700 a month up to $5000 a month or more, plus a percentage of the ad spend. 

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